August 3, 2021


The Player’s Club League!

This league is unlike any league you’ve played before.  There’s no schedule, no player limit, no minimum required matches, no maximum amount of matches one can play, no location restrictions, and no limits on races!

The league offers players two important benefits: 1) The chance to play anyone! 2) The opportunity to improve their game with the help of other league players!

Match Details

A match is eligible to be counted towards league progress when ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • A race to *at least* 5 wins of 9-ball format on the bartable
  • A race to *at least* 2 wins of One Pocket on the 9-foot table

That’s it!  


  • Coaches are allowed for all players, at any time, by any player – including the opposing player, if agreed upon.  Players wishing to better understand the strategic aspect of One Pocket should state their desire to their opponent and anyone else in the room they trust for advice.  Opponent should not interfere with coaches given, no arguing about a coach will be allowed.  Repeated issues relative to a player will be noted and evaluated.  TPC’s league is about improving the quality of all TPC players’ games – and we ask that all TPC league players support that goal.

Match alterations

  • Handicaps/Weight
    • TPC encourages all players to play their matches without the use of handicap (or giving/receiving of weight).  However, we do recognize that sometimes a little help is needed.  As such, it is possible for players to agree to play to a handicapped game, but both players must agree beforehand and just because weight is asked for doesn’t mean it’s required or accepted. Races of each format can be extended at the players’ discretion.
  • Races
    • Races can be extended at the players’ discretion.  We ask that players are mindful of other league matches that might be happening on the same day/time.

How it works:

Players, through social media or any other form of communication, will set a match date/time (schedule/submit that match/time through our reservation system here).  

Brendan will manage the list of players for the time being.  Eventually, there will be a shared google calendar where all matches will be available for all to see.


  • $13 per match per person@ TPC
  • $11 per match @ your favorite location (still must be scheduled and final scores reports to Brendan BY BOTH PLAYERS)


More information to come on the following:

  • Monthly Cash Fight nights for each Flight of Players
  • End of Session Tournament by flights
  • Mini tournaments and challenge matches
  • Lessons from our pros including Justin Bergman
  • Member benefits for Big matches, table time, merchandise,
  • Think UFC or College RPI- play a strong schedule and win
  • Bonus for most matches, most wins, and some other hidden requirements.
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