August 3, 2021

Fedor Gorst and Justin Bergman 5v5

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Fedor Gorst and Justin Bergman will be here Monday March 22nd! In consideration of the heads-up match they’re playing the following weekend, we thought we’d have them do something a little different for this visit. How about a little Mosconi Cup action with our TeamTPC players? That sounds amazing to us!

Both Fedor and Justin will be playing captains of their respective team of 5 and will battle it out in a team-based event. Full 5-on-5 for the first match, then a mixture of singles and doubles with the various team members. Each match will be a short race to 4, and the whole event will be a race to 11 points. We’re really looking forward to this and we’re hoping to recreate as much of the live-arena atmosphere during this event. Meaning, hootin’ and hollerin’, but most likely cheering for shots from the sidelines.

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