August 3, 2021

Harriman vs Bergman

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Our next event has been announced!! Two local professionals, one you all know, and one you might remember. Justin Bergman has accepted a challenge from Danny Harriman!

They’re playing FULL RACK BANKS!! It’s an interesting choice, to be sure, but we expect it will be quite fun and unique. Honestly, when was the last time you watched anyone play full-rack? 🙂 We’re excited to bring this to you – and we hope you all will enjoy it as well!

Scoring: Any bank (regardless of the number of rails) counts for ONE point. The first player to 23 points wins the set. This is a bit of a departure from regular “full rack” scoring in that a single rack isn’t “won”. A player could score all 15 balls in a single rack, though highly unlikely.

They are playing a race to 3 sets!

When: Tuesday, July 28th and 7PM cst.

Where: The Players Club in St. Louis, MO

Viewers wishing to chat should feel free to use our Twitch channel’s chat (make sure to Follow us there as well).


What a match! We saw some amazing shots and excellent strategic moving patterns. Most impressive was the precision cue-ball control by both players – regardless of shot selection.

In the end, Danny was unable to close a single set, with banks falling mere millimetres from the pockets, combined with some unfortunate scratches. Justin’s familiarity with the table showed on some speed-sensitive banks and it became the missing ingredient that Danny needed.

Justin looked like he was going to run away with the first set, starting with a 4-bank run in his 3rd inning, which lead to his being up 21 to 11 in about 30 minutes. Danny tightened up his moving and started on the wedge-game. It was working well, allowing him to increase his score to 17. Too little, too late, it would seem, as Justin caught on to the strategy and was able to force some mistakes from Danny and scored his final two points to win the first set.

The second set started almost immediately with the formation of the wedge and both players shooting strong, Danny’s high run of banks was 4 early in this set and held the lead for the first time. At 9-6 in Danny’s favor, Justin had his high-run of the event, scoring 5 consecutive banks, giving him the lead at 11-9. Both players traded a few 2 and 3 ball runs, but again it was Justin who reached the goal-line first.

The third, and what would be the final set, followed a similar pattern. Players broke the racks wide open, then formed a wedge in a corner, electing to try and force mistakes from one another and picking off one or two balls at a time. The score was 16-17 to Danny when another mistake from him gave Justin a relatively open table, with which he ran another 3 and looked to close the game soon afterwards. With the score at 21-18, we discovered a scoring error and a ball was missing. As neither player knew which ball, they agreed to play it out regardless. It meant that a score of 22-22 would be possible and a 4th rack would need to be played for a single point. Danny continued to fight hard, and pulled closer still, while Justin, now on the hill at 22-20, with 2 balls left on the table was unable to score several banks. We found our missing ball, but did not alert the players in order to not disrupt the game. As it turned out, it had no affect on the end-score when Justin sank a straight-back to cross the finish line with a score of 23 (actually 24) to 21, ending the 3rd set and the match.

We want to thank the players for coming out, first and foremost. Without them, we couldn’t make these events happen. We also want to thank our sponsors, QB Custom Cues and Bobby’s Place for helping make this event happen. Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, we want to thank all the fans for supporting this event, both in person and online. We really enjoy bringing these to you and we’re already in talks for our next one.

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