October 31, 2020

New Location and New King

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After teasing everyone for what feels like the entire last year, we have finally moved in to our NEW LOCATION!!! We now have FIVE tables available consisting of TWO 9-foot Diamonds and THREE Diamond barboxes!

If you visited our old location, you already know where our new location is! We move across the parking lot, to the corner spot next.

In honor of our surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, we held a very small event to choose the first “King of TPC”. It was a four-man round-robin event consisting of 2 sets for each match. A 9-ball race to 9 and a one-pocket race to 3. Being a round robin with only four players allowed us this freedom.

We started early on Sunday, the 14th around noon and ran for about 10 hours until we crowned the new King: Ryan Huelsman. Coming in 2nd place was Nick Evans, followed by Jody Zeni and last but certainly not least, “Fast” Joey Evola.

A lot of laughs were had and great shots were witnessed. If you were watching our live stream, you know what we’re talking about.

Scroll through the images below to see some of the snapshots of getting open and the round robin tournament:

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