October 31, 2020

TPC League Is Here

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The Players Club league is NOW LIVE!

The goal of the league is to improve everyone’s game more than it is another way for player to earn some prizes.  We want all players to learn something about their game from each match – whether it’s a weakness of theirs, or a strength, or a new shot, or new way to get out of trap.  The better we become individually, the better St. Louis pool becomes overall.

Matches are simple – must be at least a race to 5 of 9-ball on the barbox AND must be at least a race to 2 of One Pocket on the big table.  Matches are likely to be live streamed.  All players can receive coaches (from anyone, including their opponent).  The more matches you play, the more chances you have to learn new strategies (and also WIN).

You can read all the details about the league here.  You can schedule your matches here.  You can see the availability of the tables here.

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