Welcome Pool Junkies

We are The Players Club
An action house and streaming venue
Based in St. Louis, Missouri.


More About TPC.

We offer a unique pool-enthusiastic environment, unlike any other in the area. We focus on making great games, setting players up for tough matches, and sharing all the action with the world on our live-stream!

This is not a place to be an actor or look for easy games; that's just not what we do here. We want to create sparring partners for those looking and we want to see great matches happen for everyone that wants one. We don't serve liquor, so there's never a worry about someone getting out of hand. We want to grow the future of the sport by inviting everyone, young and old, to come enjoy the wonderful game of pool.

We do three things extremely well here: We get into a lot of action, we talk a lot of smack, and we take a lot of breaks!


What We Do

We are a full-service pool room, everything from tips to tables.

  • Tables

    We buy/sell tables, and offer installations, service and recovering.

  • Streaming

    We have a dedicated streaming service available to showcase your challenge match, as well as our tournaments and any pro events hosted

  • Cues & Cases

    As an authorized agent and largest seller of JB Cases in the midwest, we can get you any JB case you can imagine. We also sell Predator, Cue-Tec, Poison, Nick Varner, QB Custom, Franco, and several other cue brands.

  • Atmosphere

    We are relaxed environment where everyone knows everyone - and no one is hiding in the shadows. We will be adding leagues to our activities in the near future as well.


Matchups everywhere

We have a core group of players across multiple skill levels. Some are just regulars that come in often, but some of them are part of the core group which we call "TeamTPC". Those players are our in-house action guys and are usually available to spar with visitors, offer instruction, contribute to stream commentary, etc. Below is a rough estimate of our players Fargo ratings:

  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 15%
  • 10%
  • 5%


Challenges and Exhibitions

We will be hosting a variety of tournament formats for both local players as well as professional/regional level players in the coming months.

We love tournaments! With our new expansion coming, we'll be offering several types of tournaments on a rotation schedule. Brackets will be available online with live-scoring for those that want to watch the scores, as well as live-streaming all of our events!

We stream live to our page on Facebook almost every night. Make sure to follow our FB page and look for the notifications!

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We have JB Cases, Predator Cues, Aramith Balls, Simonis cloth, and accessories!

We are an authorized dealer for JB Cases and one of the largest retailers with JB cases in stock all year round. We can get anything you need to elevate your game, including anything from Predator, OB, Cue-Tec, and more! Looking for custom equipment? We have a great relationship with both Roberto Franco and QB Customs for all your custom needs.

JB Cases

We keep around 30 JB Ultimate Rugged cases in stock at all times.

JB Rugged

We can special order any case you want - including custom designs!


We nave a variety of shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and more all branded with TPC logo with options of color and logo style.

OB Shafts

We can get any OB shaft you're looking for with whatever pin/tip combo you need


We keep several styles of Revo shafts in stock, with a variety of pins and thicknesses

PiKu Tips

We have PiKu tips in stock! Break tips, and the new Trifecta playing tips!